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Recupyl TES-AMMRECUPYL was established in 1993 with the objective of industrialising and leveraging the scientific achievements of Dr Farouk Tedjar's work in the INPG laboratories in the treatment of used batteries. RECUPYL has an industrial pilot plant facility approved for the treatment of all battery types.

Our new recylcling solution for the 2nd generation battery (Lithium Ion) was granted a worldwide patent. It is the unlimited solution to Lithium Ion's variable composition. It is develped in the assocaite laboratories of the National School of Electrochemistry of Grenoble (France) and of National Centre for Scientific Research. It revolutionizes and takes precedence over the VALIBAT European project, which focuses on mixed lithium batteries.

RECUPYL's pilot plant, authorized by Regional Authorities, has successfully evolved into a licensed operating compnay in Europe. Now, the process technology is brought into Singapore to be the first to cater to Asia Pacific Region and other continents. Our processing method, Hydrometallurgic processing method, is the preferred solution to Pyrolysis or Cyrogenic methods.
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